Fire Prevention Division

The Fire Prevention Division’s mission is to improve the lives of  City residents by preventing fires and reducing the impact of fires that occur. To accomplish its mission, the Division performs inspections of businesses and occupancies as mandated by state and local ordinances and investigates all major fires occurring within the Fire Department’s jurisdiction.

The Fire Prevention Division focuses on the following areas:

Fire Development Service:  Inspects new or repaired fire protection systems requiring a fire construction permit.

Fire Permit Inpection:  Inspects existing occupancies required to have an operational permit and those required by the California Health and Safety Code to be inspected on an annual basis.

Fire Code Enforcement:  Responds to  complaints regarding fire and life safety code violations.

Fire Arson Investigation:  Investigates major fires and makes arrests of persons responsible for unlawful actions related to fire.

In 2012, the Division accomplished the following:

  • Set up the ability to perform electronic plan review for development service projects.
  • Instituted a reorganization plan to maximize efficiency and provide higher customer service.
  • Inspected over 150 schools and over 40 highrise buildings.
  • Implemented a false alarm ordinance to encourage responsible installation and maintenance of commercial and residential fire alarm systems.
  • Achieved an 18% arrest rate out of the 43% of fires that were determined to be incendiary.

Sacramento Fire Department

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