Fire Suppression

The primary goal of Fire Suppression/Shift Operations Division is to protect life, property and the environment. The division is staffed with well-trained personnel and technical teams with highly specialized skill sets and tools to meet the wide ranging emergency demands of the City.

At the direction of the Fire Chief, the Deputy Chief of Operations oversees three Shift Assistant Chiefs. The Shift Assistant Chiefs are responsible for the day to day activities performed by the line personnel. On a daily basis the division staffs 24 fire engines, 8 ladder trucks and 1 heavy rescue, at 24 fire stations, which are divided into 3 battalions. Each engine and truck is staffed with 4 persons except for 1 engine which is staffed with 3 persons. Battalion Chiefs coordinate all of the activities at an emergency scene. With 3 Battalion Chiefs, 33 suppression companies, 13 ALS ambulances and 1 EMS captain, the daily operational staffing is 161 personnel. The current work schedule is a 48/96 shift rotation.

In addition to emergency work, firefighters provide a wide range of services to the community including blood-pressure screening, tours of fire stations, and fire and life safety presentations within the community.


Fire Station Battalion Chart

Fire Station Map


Sacramento Fire Department

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