The Fire Chief, who is appointed by the City Manager, leads the Sacramento Fire Department which is comprised of multiple divisions organized into three offices: Office of the Fire Chief, Office of Operations, and Office of Administrative Services.

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Office of the Fire Chief

This Office is responsible for setting policy and the mission of the Department. Divisions within the Office of the Fire Chief include:

Fiscal Management

The Fiscal Division is responsible for administering the Fire Department’s finances including the budget and procurement processes, accounts payable and receivable, and grants. The Division also manages contracts and council report submittals. The division is managed by a civilian Support Services Manager. Click here to view the Fire Department’s current budget.

Special Projects

The Special Projects Division is responsible for an assortment of programs and projects as determined by the Fire Chief. Responsibilities include administering the department website, various grants, and special studies; processing requests for  records; and coordinating a volunteer program, public education, and community events.

Office of Operations

This Office is responsible for the management of emergency response resources. Divisions within the Office of Operations include:

Fire Suppression/Shift Operations

The primary goal of Fire Suppression/Shift Operations Division is to protect life, property and the environment. Read more…


The Logistics Division provides agency-wide oversight in functional areas of station supplies and inventory management, emergency medical supplies, along with issuing and managing a care and maintenance program for firefighter personal protective equipment. Read more…

Special Operations

The Special Operations Division manages the following programs: Hazardous Materials, Domestic Preparedness, Technical Rescue and Urban Search and Rescue. Read more…


The Training Division promotes the improvement of public service through the facilitation of ongoing drills and exercises that reflect the real-life experiences encountered in the field by firefighting crews. Read more…

Office of Administrative Services

This Office is responsible for providing support to operational personnel through the management of programs. Divisions within this Office include:

Emergency Medical Services

The Sacramento Fire Department has provided paramedic transport services since 1994. Read more…

Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Division’s mission is to improve the lives of the City residents by preventing fires and reducing the impact of fires that occur. Read more…

Human Resources

The Human Resources Division is responsible for a variety of activities such as fulfilling staffing needs, hiring employees, verifying employment, recruiting, and guiding managers. Our Professional Standards program ensures personnel and management practices conform to various policies and procedures set by the City of Sacramento, local, State and Federal agencies. The Human Resources Division delivers innovative and timely human resources services and leadership to enable the Fire Department to provide exceptional municipal services to our diverse residents and visitors. Our goal is to maintain Sacramento’s heritage of excellence by recruiting candidates that reflect the rich make-up of our diverse population while developing an organizational culture that empowers the workforce to accomplish the mission of the agency and uphold our values. Learn more about Careers…

Sacramento Fire Department

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